Who We Are

Back Where It All Began.

Elmer Sidney Miller, founded Miller Lumber Company, Inc. in 1923. Mr. Miller began his career in the lumber industry as a partner with H. J. Gates at Louisville Point Lumber Company. His first trip to Tennessee was to find maple and elm trees for the wooden spokes in General Motors automobiles. Impressed with the fine timber in Tennessee, he opened his own small sawmill in Haywood County in 1919. Then, in 1923, when Gates lumber company went up for sale, Mr. Miller purchased the company, which became Miller Lumber Company, Inc.

Today it still operates in the same location. During this time period, Alabama was considered one of the fastest growing timber producing states, particularly in hardwood trees. For this reason, Mr. Miller built the Miller & Company, Inc. sawmill, in 1930, in Selma, Alabama. To this day, it operates in the same location. Mr. Miller had exceptional insight into the industry and began buying land and timber.

From the beginning, his goal was the conservation and preservation of the forests. He accomplished this by only select cutting and replanting trees. Mr. Miller acquired extensive timber holdings, which were managed by in house foresters, tree planters and other tree specialists. He wanted to ensure each operation had its own source of timber. Due to Elmer Miller’s prudent business practices, the companies have survived through the decades by adapting to changes in the lumber industry. During WWII, the companies had contracts with the government to supply wood for shipbuilding, tent stakes and other various needs.

Later, lumber was sold to Plymouth for station wagon bodies, RCA for TV cabinets, Zildgen for drum sticks and numerous furniture manufacturers in North Carolina. In 1947, the companies began manufacturing Oak strip flooring and continue to do so today. After Mr. Miller passed in 1963, Lumberman Magazine said, “Miller was known internationally for his lumber operations, a reputation for fair dealings and enlightened practices.”

Mr. Miller believed in hard work, dependability and straightforwardness. The reputation and integrity of Miller Lumber Company, Inc. and Miller & Company, Inc. have been a part of the company since its inception. Today, we pride ourselves in making a quality product and offering exceptional customer service. The standards Mr. Miller created we adhere to today. Miller Lumber Company, Inc. and Miller & Company, Inc. are still one of the few family-owned & operated hardwood businesses left in USA.