Cahaba Oak Flooring

Cahaba Oak flooring is the premier product of Miller & Company, Inc. This traditional flooring is ideal for new construction or the renovation of existing floors. Today’s highly durable, low maintenance, hardwood flooring continues to be a wise and lasting investment for your home or any building of distinction.

Oak flooring has always set a standard for beauty. It can be finished to blend warmly and compliment other woods and finishes. Unfinished Cahaba Oak Flooring is designed, colored, toned and finished to suit the tastes of the client.

It is available in finishes from light to very dark. Gone are the days of the hard work and constant care that has been associated with hardwood flooring in the past. Today, newly tested floor finishes create almost maintenance free, hardwood floors. With most floor finishes, regular sweeping or vacuuming, plus an occasional light mopping, will keep your oak flooring looking bright and new.

The use of new finishes can make even kitchen floors durable and easy to clean, while maintaining the sophistication and warmth of a hardwood floor. Cahaba Oak Flooring can last the life of a home or building. Its enduring qualities make oak flooring a better investment over the years than carpeting or composition tile.

Wall to wall carpeting usually requires replacing after an average of seven and one-half years and composition tile will last an estimated eighteen years. Oak Flooring is an environmentally safe choice, with water-based tints having none of the toxins found in the synthetic fibers of most carpet.

Oak flooring is also recommended by doctors to help in the treatment of some health issues such as asthma and various allergies. Mold, dust and pet dander are easily removed from hardwood flooring unlike carpet. Whatever your needs, Miller & Company, Inc. has the oak flooring for you. back to top.